Great tasting food you can eat everyday and it is good for you

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About Okovango

Okovango offers a valuable service to customers - great tasting Hot meals and sandwiches delivered to offices in the Milnerton, Mowbray, Table view and City bowl daily.

* Lunch delivered to your desk   

We prepare meals for  organization to their exact specification , purchase wisely, prepare it with the help of chefs  - so that it is tasty, economic, healthy and hygenic and then deliver it to your doorstep at a time and date that you specify.  For example  cafeterias at schools, colleges, training institutes, factories or offices.  It is the easiest way to eat healthy food at work without going out for lunch.  Try our freshly made  salads, wraps and mini-subs or dairy products like cheeses, yoghurts, fresh fruit  or fruit juice.

* Its that time of the year - let us cater for you

The catering division do functions, braais and prepare fantastic party platters.  What ever your needs we will be happy to provide you with a quote and a suggestion for the occasion that will impress your guest and your accountant.   

* Quality wholesale  fresh produce at unbelievable prices

Through Okovango you can do bulk purchases/ buy wholesale fresh produce (fruit, vegetables and meat).  The vegatables can be bought washed, peeled, diced, prepared as in (french fries or onion rings), repacked, etc.  The exact specifications of the client is adhered to and only the best quality is selected and delivered at a good price to our customers. 


Address: Platinum Junction, School Street, Milnerton (opposite Telkom)

You are welcome to visit our offices and place your order or use the phone it is quicker. 

Just one example of our range of tasty party platters


Live in our area (Mowbray, City Bowl, Milnerton or Table View)? 

Simply select what you want to eat from our menu. Phone, fax or e-mail your order and you will be having luch with us today, tommorow and the next day.  


Eating regularly and enjoying healthy food is important

Our special today is Vegetable Lasagne for a 260 gram portion with a fruit juice for only R25.

It is not too late to plan your year end function!!

   Enquire about our famous    

Party & functions platters

Call Cecile: 082-573-6935





Our Lunch Menu

Hot meals

Beef Lasagna                                     R20.00

Vegetable Lasagna                             R20.00

Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna               R20.00

Beef Curry & Rice                               R20.00

Chicken Curry & Rice                          R20.00


Sandwiches and rolls

Ciabata, White or Wholewheat   Plain or toasted



Bacon & Cheese                             R 15.00

Bacon & Egg                                  R 12.00

Bacon & Egg & Cheese                    R 20.00

Cheese & Tomato                          R   9.00

Chicken & Mayo                             R 12.00

Tuna & Mayo                                R 12.00

Tuna & Mayo Roll                          R 15.00



Chicken                                         R20.00

Beef                                             R20.00



Coke, Fanta or Sprite  (340 ml)              R  5.00

Valpre Still (500ml)                                 R  5.00


For organizations that do not have a cafeteria or want to offer an alternative we provide delicious & nutritious , meals. The menu is changed evry two weeks in consultation with the client.  Her is an example of a menu:



Day 1:  Chicken breast, roasted butternut, spinach + leek & mushroom sauce.

Day 2:  Beef or Chicken Lasagna with salad.

Day 3:  Penne pasta with Bolognaise + roasted vegetables.

Day 4:  Chicken or Beef curry with rice + salad

Day 5:  Baked potato, mixed vegetables and chops with onion gravy

 Day 6:  Hake with deep fried potato wedges, and mash with creamed spinach.

 Day 7:  Stir fry chicken or beef with vegetables and rice

 Day 8:  Cottage pie + salad

 ay 9:  Mash potato, fried spinach, sausage with onion gravy

 Day 10:Roast beef Salad with slow roasted tomatoes.

The price for these meals will be R30.00 per person/day.   The menu can be changed every 2 weeks, but the price will remain.  In summer we will add more dishes appropriate to the weather.  Sadly we can only serve customers near to us. 

Trade Area 

Due to time and trafic constraints the areas we can serve include:

Mowbray, Claremont, City Bowl, Milnerton, Table View/Blaauberg, Goodwood and Bellville. 

We can cater for functionsall over the the Cape Peninsula from Somerset West, Simonstown to Durbanville.